New York Wire

Strong and long lasting to withstand all climate conditions.

New York Wire manufactures a broad range of products spanning many diverse markets. We are the leading supplier of insect screening products to the retail distribution market and to many of the most well known names in door and window manufacturing.

New York Wire's screening is also preferred by installers of pool & patio enclosures.

Aluminum construction is long-lasting, streak-free and easy to maintain, making it an ideal screening solution for frequent use applications, including windows, doors, porches, gazebos and screen rooms. Strong and druable aluminum screening resists rust and will not sag and a protective finish prevents corrosion and strengthens the weave.

Standard mesh product used in windows and doors.

Easy to install. Resilient, long lasting. Will not crease, dent, or unravel. Withstands all climates, salt air, and industrial fumes

Pool & Patio
Ideal for pool, patio and outdoor enclosures. Made from heavier strands for durability but will not hinder natural airflow or hamper visibility.

High quality, utmost visibility, heavier strands for use in larger areas such as pool enclosures, enclosed patios, garages and verandahs. Will not shrink or stretch.

Pet Proof - restricts the entry of disease carrying and tiny irritating insects.

7 times stronger than traditional fibreglass mesh
Resists tears and damages from household pets or children