Finista Slim Aluminium System

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Finista Slim Aluminium System

Manufacturer:  Finista

Lincoln Sentry is excited to announce the release of our newest household shelving system – Finista Slim Aluminium System.

Finista Slim is a multifunctional shelving program that will allow you to design an endless array of storage solutions in many different rooms in the home or commercial situations. Manufactured in northern Italy, the Finista Slim system will allow you to create a wardrobe frame system, hanging bookshelf, a room divider or even a book display case – the possibilities are endless.

The centre point of the Finista Slim system is the ultra slim aluminium bar, finished in anodised matt grey. To complement the aluminium bar the system comes with a range of brackets that can be attached to the bar to create shelves, drawers, desks and wardrobe hanging rails.

Showcased at last year’s AWISA trade show in Brisbane, Finista Slim forms part of the Lincoln Sentry Finista private label with products sourced from all around the world including Europe, North America and Asia. Feedback from customers who attended AWISA was excellent and Lincoln Sentry are expecting our customers to see the benefits of using this new multifunctional shelving system in their next project or design concept.

For more details on the new Finista Slim Aluminium System please download the brochure.