Blum LEGRABOX, AMBIA-LINE & Accessories

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Blum LEGRABOX, AMBIA-LINE & Accessories

Manufacturer:  Blum

Sophisticated, simple and slim.

Experience elegance with LEGRABOX pure, the new box system from Blum.

The elegant box system is unprecedented in its level of performance and is characterised by a slim design with straight lines and a particularly high quality of motion.

LEGRABOX pure leads the way with revolutionary technology, functionality and design.

The elegance of LEGRABOX continues throughout kitchen and furniture interiors with AMBIA-LINE inner dividing frames. The narrow, straightforward design of the frames complement LEGRABOX in both colour and style for a harmonious look in all living areas.

BR0074CH LEGRABOX 1 Introduction
BR0074CH LEGRABOX 2 Silk White Matt
BR0074CH LEGRABOX 3 Terra Black Matt
BR0074CH LEGRABOX 4 Orion Grey Matt
BR0074CH LEGRABOX 5 Stainless Steel Anti-Fingerprint
BR0074CH LEGRABOX 6 Planning Assembly and Supporting Accessories
BR0074CH LEGRABOX 7 Index and Cross Reference