Manufacturer:  Echelon

The wine rack system The Echelon 12 and 24 bottle kits are sized conveniently for inclusion into kitchen and cabinet joinery.

They can also free stand with no surrounding joinery if desired. This bottle storage system is modular so that configurations can be changed to suit the available space. Modules can be added or removed as required and individual components can be purchased separately.

The racks are made from extruded aluminium and coated with a natural satin anodising. The individual modules slide and snap together to form the bottom of one bottle cavity and the top of the next. The system is very space efficient with a capacity of over 90 bottles per square metre. Each module is supplied with a centre hole through which a tube is inserted once stack is assembled. Wall brackets hook around this tube and screw to the wall to secure. Be sure the stacks are placed on a horizontal surface with adequate strength to support the combined weight of rack and bottles.