Button-Fix Panel Fixing System

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Button-Fix Panel Fixing System

Manufacturer:  button-fix

The Button-Fix concept is simple: durable nylon buttons are attached to the back of one panel and the mating fixes are attached to the other.

Bring the panels together and slide until the button fixes "click"

The Type 1 Wall Button-Fix connects parallel panels. Its strength has been verified by an independent test house. It can be configured in many different ways to best suit your application, either surface-mounted or rebated into the panel, and orientated for vertical or sideways assembly.

The Type 2 Panel Button-Fix connects panels at 90° and engages with a straight push. It is ideal for panels with no clearance above or at the side and applications where the emphasis is on ease of access.

The Type 3 Flush Button-Fix is for applications where panel to panel contact is required and fits a simple oval rebate. It can be rebated into the edge of a panel of at least 28mm thick or the face of a panel of at least 18mm thick, and orientated for vertical or sideways assembly.

For more information on the Button-Fix range, please contact the Lincoln Sentry National Customer Service Centre on 1300 551 919.