Applying for a Lincoln Sentry Trade Account

To apply for a Trade Account with Lincoln Sentry, please download one of the account application forms below and complete your details. Then, either contact or visit your local branch to complete the application process or email the application form to

Requesting access to our Online Store 

Do you already have a Trade Account with Lincoln Sentry and require access to our Online Store?

Please send a request via email to and provide your:

i. Trade Account Number (NOTE: You must have an existing Trade Account with Lincoln Sentry before your Online Store Account can be created)

ii. Trade Account Name

iii. First Name

iv. Last Name

v. Contact phone number

Email must be received from your registered business email account.

NB. All applicants MUST have authorisation from the Primary Account Holder to access their Trading Account.

Tips for completing your access request to our Online Store

  • A unique email address MUST be provided.
  • Customers should provide their primary account number for full access to all delivery addresses.
  • If you want to limit access to a single delivery address, e.g. a franchise (i.e. branch office cannot see invoices from another branch office), then please provide the delivery customer number.

Online Store Terms and Conditions