Glass Edge Seals

Glass Edge Seals by Logli Massimo - Providing protection to the leading edges of frameless glass panels.

Vauth-Sagel T150 Pull-Outs

T150 Pull-Outs by Vauth-Sagel - Innovative solutions for 150mm wide cabinets.

Bag of Rags

Bag of Rags by Tiddox - 100% recycled white cotton.

HB Fuller Tool Box

Tool Box by HB Fuller - Adheres to a wide variety of materials and is a true 'tool box' in a cartridge.


A CORNERSTONE carousel moves the contents to the front of the unit, thereby unlocking a completely new design perspective.

Flex Corner

Maximise space in corner cabinets with Flex Corner by Vauth-Sagel.

VSA Pull-Out

VSA Pull-Out by VAUTH-SAGEL. The practical cabinet pull-out with a flowing opening movement.

XX Liner

XX Liner by VAUTH-SAGEL. Large capacity in a small cabinet.

Sugatsune MFU-1000

MFU-1000 Flush Sliding Door System by Sugatsune. Featuring a flush door against surrounding walls, providing a clean appearance.

RGB by Hera

RGB by Hera. Featuring the RGB FR 68-LED and RGB Tape.

Alpha Drill Bits

Drill Bits by Alpha.

Lufkin Tools

Lufkin Tools- featuring Big Boss Level w/ Carry Case, Carpenters Pencil and a Stainless Steel Ruler.

TAC Adhesives

Spray adhesives, glues and cleaners by TAC.

Hera Controllers

4 Channel Dim-Controllers by Hera.

Finista Storage

Finista Storage- featuring Pull Out Pantry, Blind Corner, Lazy Susan 3/4, Lazy Susan 1/2, Base Cabinet Caddy 200 (side mount), Base Cabinet Caddy 150 (side mount) and Cabinet Caddy (bottom mount).


CORNERSTONE MAXX by VAUTH SAGEL. - The maximum in innovation.

Finista Rotating Corner Pull Out

Rotating Corner Pull Out by Finista. No more bending into dark awkward spaces.