We have recently added more functionality to Favourites, making it easier for you to
save, store and share product information. 

  • Quantity – You can now save a quantity against an individual
    product (e.g. kitchen spec requires 5 drawers and 10 runners).
  • Multi-select – Choose only a selection of items from your list to add
    to cart.
  • Copy – Copy items from your list or from a shared list.
  • Share – Create a Favourites list for a specific project or
    client that you can share. The recipient will receive a link to view the list
    but only a registered user can order these items.
  • Store Summary Information – Store text information within a
    Favourite list. This is a useful feature for adding particular notes about an
    order. This information is private and does not get passed on to a recipient
    when you share a list.

Instructional Video:

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