Get to know our latest improvements to our Online Store. We are now making it easier and quicker for you to search any products and their characteristics. Please try our new Search functions and most importantly, let us know what you think about them on our Feedback Form - We love to hear your feedback!

  • Advanced Search - provides a new advanced search option allowing you to refine search results based on selections (colour, finish, material, price), product type, code, name, brand. You can also easily find products within current promotions.
  • Search by functionality – allow you to enter product code or name into the search field, quickly surfacing the product information you are looking for.
  • Our new navigation panel (on the left) – displays a complete list of the different categories and product types available (including any sub-categories). This is an easier and faster way to navigate our total online product range.
  • Add products directly to your cart– logged in customers can purchase products directly from search results.
  • Sort and view your search results how you like them – sort according to name or price, or select from grid or list view. You can even select how many results you want displayed on a page!

Note: some features require you to be logged in.

Advanced Search Options

This instructional video demonstrates the new, advanced search features. For information on other updates to our site, please head over to: Updated Functionality to Favourites