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Pixalux® Structural Light Panel

The Pixalux® Structural Light Panel is an illuminated surface product for joinery. It takes integrated lighting to the next level by allowing an entire shelf or surface to become a light.

Three solid sheets of acrylic are laminated together to create a strong, LED edge-lit panel that illuminates its entire surface from all angles, with no shadows. It’s the combination of these features which make the Pixalux® panels so unique. 

Pixalux® Structural Light Panels excel in retail, hospitality, residential and commercial applications. The panel can be used as a direct replacement for shelving to allow for more discrete design. It is unmatched in quality, as objects and spaces are bathed in light from above and below.

You can order the Structural Light Panel online at Pixalux® Manufacturing Australia or contact the team directly for a quote. For all other enquiries, please email Pixalux®.


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