Thermoflex warm edge spacer

Thermoflex is used to create an airspace within a Double Glazed Unit/Insulated Glazed Unit (IGU). Thermoflex warm edge spacer is a flexible spacer system made from premium elastomeric foam rubber with a gas diffusion barrier. The composition of Thermoflex ensures that the glazing unit is structurally sound while helping to reduce heat loss from the edge.

The term 'Warm Edge' within double or triple glazing refers to the spacer used to separate the panes of glass. If the spacer material is less conductive than traditional aluminium spacers, it is termed warm edge. Non-metal spacers generally have a lower thermal conductivity value. 

Thermobar warm edge spacer bar

Thermobar warm edge spacer tube is a rigid tube which is made from high performance plastic with a gas diffusion barrier to minimise gas loss from the edge of a glazing unit. 

Thermobar is manufactured to the same dimensions as standard aluminium spacer bars and other leading tubular spacers.