Welcome to our e-book catalogue. In an effort to make our new Cabinet Hardware Product Catalogue more accessible, we have created a replica e-book of the printed catalogue. This allows the convenience of browsing products in an electronic format. The e-book is simple and intuitive to use.

Key Features:

  • 'Jump' to a specific chapter by clicking on the coloured tabs on the side of the page
  • Zoom in/out to read product text and diagrams
  • Search for a product code within the Index (e.g. 1-234-5678). All product codes within the Index will link through to the relevant product within the e-book. - full text search coming soon
  • View in full screen for the best interactive e-book experience

For further guidance, please download our 'How to' guide below:

Catalogue Downloads

To download a section of the catalogue, simply click on the link below. The catalogue has been divided into PDFs according to the new catalogue structure. Alternatively, you have the option to download the entire catalogue.

Note: You may have noticed some changes to our product pages. These updates have been made to align with the new printed catalogue to create a consistent experience across both print and digital platforms.