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A - Drawer Systems

Blum drawer systems and accessories, standard drawer systems and accessories, general runners and more.

B - Hinge Systems

Hinge systems, mounting plates, angled spacers, Blum BLUMOTION and TIP-ON for doors and more.

C - Lift & Flap Systems

Blum AVENTOS Lift Systems including AVENTOS HF, HL, HS, and HK, Linak Lift Systems and Stays.

D - Assembly Devices

Blum DYNALOG, MINIPRESS systems, drawer and hinge assembly devices and more.

E - Organisation Solutions

Storage for cutlery, cooking tools, waste/recycling, drawer liners and more.

F - Decorative Handles

Lincoln Sentry's exclusive handle ranges - modern, comfort, designer and provincial.

G - Storage Solutions

Pantry and corner storage solutions, wine bottle storage and more.

H - Waste Management Systems

In-drawer and free standing waste management systems.

I - Lighting Systems

Recessed, surface-mount and linear luminaires, transformers and switches.

J - Sinks & Tapware

Sinks and accessories, laundry tubs and tapware.

K - Doors & Decorative Panels

Farmers, Alsert Doors and Tambortech Doors.

L - Sliding & Folding Door Systems

Sliding door, bi-fold and roller door hardware, sliding glass/panel tracks, Securefold tracks and channels.

M - Wardrobe & Laundry Solutions

Wardrobe rails and accessories, laundry solutions, ironing boards and more.

N - Locks, Latches & Catches

Cabinet locks, striker plates, catches, door stops and safety latches.

O - Office, Shop & Washroom Hardware

Shelf stripping, power & cable outlets, cash drawer inserts, castor wheels and washroom partition fittings.

P - Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes

Trade silicone, sealants, adhesives, tapes and more.

Q - Abrasives

Abrasive discs, sheets, sponges and sanding cloth belts.

R - Connectors & Fittings

Lamello, KD fittings, benchtop connectors, shelf supports, Button-Fix, pin system and more.

S - Fasteners, Blades & Accessories

Screws, rivets, staples, drill and driver bits, blades and more.

T - Edging, Repairs & Corrections

Edging tape, edge cleaners, fixing rails, fillers, putty repair, touch-ups and corrections.

U - Cleaners & Lubricants

Cleaners, solvents, spirits, lubricants and protectants.

V - Bumpons & Cover Caps

Screw caps, cover caps, hole plugs, bumpons and more.

W - Personal Protection Equipment

Wrist gauntlets, safety gloves, hearing protection, respirators and more.

X - Tools & Measuring Equipment

Lamello machines, knives and blades, hand tools, hammers and mallets, sealant guns and more.

Y - Storage & Handling

Vacuum cup lifters, clamps, trolleys and handling accessories.